Welcome to my site! I have found that my vessel and the character I emit from it is one of the most powerful mediums I possess. Whether it be draped in expression, or be expression in itself, I strive to create powerful and beautiful visuals that evoke a unique tone or message for the viewer's eye. Based out of Thousand Oaks CA, I'm a traveling, all natural freelance model and pride myself in my ability to adapt to any style or mood, transforming like a chameleon for the camera. I have been in the professional industry for over four years, with experience spanning from university life drawing classes, boudoir, body painting and just about anything else you can think of! I also work as a stylist, make-up artist, and recently debuted as an actor in my first feature film. I'm open minded to even the most outlandish ideas, and am always brimming with input of my own! I look to work with and for other artists who have vision and integrity in projects created from a passionate heart. 
Contact me here for inquiries about my hourly rates, booking availability, or store specifics. All other messages will only be resonded to on my Only Fans, and hate mail will be ignored, thank you! 
Thanks for checking my site out, go have a look around!

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